We Will No Longer Promote Evaluations.

We at MakeTicks/Trading Research Group have come to a decision. With how quickly the apparent “contagion” seems to be spreading through this industry, we can no longer with a clear conscience promote any evaluations. We have made our reasoning very clear in the videos below, we strongly encourage everyone involved in the futures evaluation space […]

70% off Labor Day sale at Earn2Trade!

Earn2Trade is celebrating 7 years in business, by giving 70% off their Trader Career Path and Gauntlet Mini evaluations 70% off all programs, PLUS $45 resets, for a limited time.

Is the CFTC coming? Prove us wrong.

If you missed the post from last week regarding the CFTC vs. MyForexFunds debacle, you can get caught up here. We held a public meeting to make our case that this is going to spread to Futures evaluators, eventually. We think it’s a very solid position, but at the moment everyone else in the space […]

CFTC vs. My Forex Funds – should you be worried?

In case you haven’t been following this, allow me to briefly catch you up to speed. Last week, the “prop firm” company My Forex Funds (myforexfunds.com) had all their assets frozen by regulators, for a list of violations alleged against them. This is as serious as it gets, because it means that literally overnight, the […]

70% off Labor Day sale at Earn2Trade!

Earn2Trade doesn’t usually do deep discounts like this, so now is a great time to pick up an account if you’re looking to add them to your portfolio. 70% off all programs, PLUS $45 resets, for a limited time. Check out their EvaluRating and grab this deal while you can!

80% Off for Labor Day at LeeLoo

LeeLoo Trading is doing 80% off both their standard (Foundation) accounts, and their “Entry” accounts, for Labor Day. Also you can optionally choose to pay an additional $10 up front, and lock in a $119 PA fee for whenever you pass.

80% off all evaluations, up to 20 accounts, at Apex for Labor Day

Labor Day time, and that means a sale at Apex. For a limited time you can get 80% off ANY eval that Apex sells – until you pass! Yep, 80% off every month. That’s some crazy cheap leverage. And Apex at this time has the most favorable payout schedule and amount of any of the […]

80% off first month, 65% off after, at Elite Trader

Through Sept. 16th at 11:00PM EST, Elite Trader Funding is giving 80% off your first month, and 65% off any additional months, on all their standard evaluations. In addition, they’re giving their Fast Track evaluations for just $50! So grab a deal now while they last, good luck!