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uProfit offer a single step evaluation with end-of-day drawdown and daily loss limit. They have a reasonably strong bi-lingual English/Spanish language focus.

Minimum time to get funded ★★★☆☆

All uProfit evaluations require a minimum of ten trading days.

Minimum time to first payout ★★★★☆

Funded traders may request withdrawals at any time their account is above a “safety net” balance.

Cost until first payout ★★☆☆☆

uProfit have a one-time funded account fee rather than ongoing monthly fees. Combined with no withdrawal time restrictions, uProfit is an attractive evaluation option when time and cost until withdrawal is considered.

Platform flexibility ★★★★★

Evaluations are based on the Rithmic Paper Trading Server so any Rithmic-capable platform can be used.

Evaluation rules ★★★★☆

Evaluation rules include loss limits and drawdown rules. There are no scaling plans during evaluation, but these are imposed once funded. There are no news restrictions or consistency rules.

Service & Reliability ★★★☆☆

Our experiences with uProfit have been generally positive. They have a focus on the Spanish-language market and dual language support. At times this can cause issues depending upon whether a primary English or Spanish customer service representative is dealing with a query.


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