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TickTick Trader is a relatively new trading evaluator arriving on the scene in 2022.  They offer a one-step evaluation with a fixed daily loss limit and an end-of-day (not intraday-trailing) drawdown. An “Express” evaluation is also available with no daily loss limit and a fixed time window for hitting the revenue target.

Minimum time to get funded ★★★★★

We rate TickTick Trader five stars for the shortest time required to pass an evaluation. They allow traders to pass as soon as they reach the revenue target. It’s possible to pass in just one day!

Minimum time to first payout ★★☆☆☆

Payouts in a funded account, require you to have traded at least 40 days and for your account to have exceeded a minimum balance. Trading profits generated during the first three months have no profit split (you keep it all!) and you keep 90% of the profits after that.

Cost until first payout ★★★★☆

Once funded, there is a one-time funded account activation fee. This is set at a similar level (on a “$50k” account) to two months’ fees from evaluators that charge monthly and operate a simulated funded account for funded traders. We rate fixed fees higher than ongoing monthly fees as your “running cost” once funded will be lower over time.

Platform flexibility ★★★★★

Unlike most Rithmic-based evaluators that only provide a complementary NinjaTrader license, TickTick Trader offer evaluation clients a choice of NinjaTrader, Jigsaw daytrdr and Bookmap.

Evaluation rules ★★★★☆

TickTick Trader rules during the evaluation phase are one of the looser rule sets amongst trader funding evaluation companies. Aside from loss limits and drawdown rules, there are no scaling rules, trading through news restrictions or consistency requirements. Important to note that there are rule changes once funded, most notably the imposition of a scaling plan on the funded account.

Service & Reliability ★★★☆☆

Our experiences have been overall positive. The company is based in Romania, account set-up has been quick, and customer service emails have been responded to quickly and clearly in English. The onboarding process once funded is quite separate from the evaluation process and this has been a cause of delay in our experience.

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