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Apex Trader Funding


Apex Trader Funding burst onto the evaluator scene during 2021 with a very similar product offering to that of LeeLoo.

Today, evaluations are one-step with intraday trailing drawdown. Once funded, there’s a monthly funded account fee and month-end withdrawals are limited to 2 withdrawals per month, with at least 10 days between them.  They have a minimum withdrawal amount of $500.

Apex actively encourage trading of multiple evaluation and funded accounts and sell the Apex Trade Copier – a white label version of the Replikanto trade copier for NinjaTrader.

Regular price for Apex evaluations is relatively stable with perpetual 50% discounts from published prices but from time to time there are 80% discounts made available.  Apex also will automatically reset your evaluation for free if it is in a loss state (you’ve broken a rule, exceeded your maximum drawdown, etc.) at the time of your re-subscription.

Minimum time to get funded ★★★★☆

The minimum trading time required on evaluations offered by Apex Trader Funding is 7 days.

Minimum time to first payout ★★★★☆

Funded account fees are monthly and the trader is eligible to request their first payout after 10 trading days in their funded account.

Cost until first payout ★★★★☆

Funded account fees are monthly OR one-time, your choice.  The monthly recurring is $85/month, and the one-time fees vary by account size.

Platform flexibility ★★★★★

Apex Trader Funding base their evaluations on the Rithmic Paper Trading Server so any Rithmic-capable platform can be used.

Evaluation rules ★★★★☆

Evaluation rules include loss limits and drawdown rules. There are no scaling plans, trading through news restrictions or consistency rules.

Service & Reliability ★★★★☆

Apex have a comprehensive set of help and how-to guides on their website. Whenever we’ve had to engage, email responses have been generally helpful, accurate and reasonably timely.

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