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What qualifies as passing the eval?

Passing a trading evaluation is as “simple” as:

  • not breaking any evaluation program rules, and
  • achieving a specified profit target having traded for a minimum number of days

A typical profit target for a “$50k” evaluation account is $2500-$3000.

Just as with a real trading account, there are commissions charged for every trade made. These are deducted from your account balance whether you have a winning or losing trade.

The trading evaluator should have a list of the commissions and exchange fees that they apply for each available instrument – just like a brokerage does. Generally the commissions are realistic and aligned to those available at most discount retail futures brokerages.

When monitoring your daily profit & loss, it’s crucial to bear commissions in mind. Newcomers to evaluation programs often forget this and break loss limit or drawdown rules by not considering the commissions on the trades they have taken. For those prone to over-trading or revenge trading, commissions can be a very quick way to compound an undisciplined run of losing trades into a terminal evaluation-failing event!

You may be able to configure your trading platform to calculate your intraday profit & loss net of commissions. You can also use Rithmic’s R-Trader and R-Trader Pro to monitor your account balance as you’re trading.



To apply with exchange data rules, only a single client program can be directly connected to exchange data at any point in time. R-Trader has a “bridge” function that allows it to feed data to other, “downstream” trading platforms to enable multiple programs to connect to a single data feed.

If your trading platform does not connect to the R-Trader bridge, but only directly to Rithmic, it’s possible to open R-Trader Pro and have it not receive market data but still be attached to your trading account so that you can monitor your account balance.

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