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Wait, I can’t withdraw it ALL?

It’s typical for an evaluator’s live account to require the trader to generate a residual amount of profit in their live account. This tends to be set around the initial drawdown level.

For example, if a live account that’s resulted from a “50k” evaluation has a $2500 drawdown limit, once the account’s generated $2500 in profits, the drawdown will stop trailing the account balance. 

Sometimes the evaluator also requires that this “cushion” remains in the account. It’s at this point in time when the evaluator may switch the account from live sim to a real cash-funded account (or start copying the trader’s trades). Partly it provides proof that the trader can trade consistently and generate profit. It is also – in reality – the trader generating their own drawdown buffer from their own trading activity…

When a live account has these kind of rules, you need to understand whether you’re able to withdraw the profits from this threshold amount. Sometimes you can; sometimes you can’t and the account must retain a minimum balance.

Sometimes, withdrawals from this threshold are subject to profit splits based upon the age of the account, even though the trader has not yet withdrawn all of their “no-split” limit.

A typical example of this is:

  • Residual profit threshold: $2000
  • Current account balance $4000

If the trader wishes to withdraw $2500, $2000 will be subject to no split (the amount above the residual profit threshold) and $500 will be subject to an 80:20 split (the $500 that is coming from the residual profit threshold) and the trader will receive $400 from this element of the withdrawal.

When you withdraw from a live account, there’s an impact on the available drawdown left in the account – no different to if you were trading your own cash-funded account at a brokerage. If the live account is subject to position scaling rules, this is something to keep in mind!

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