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TopStep now allows multiple funded accounts

TopStep Trader has added a long-requested feature: you can now trade up to three funded accounts simultaneously! Plus you will get a 25% discount on any new Trading Combine, for as long as it remains active. But this discount is only valid until Wednesday April 19, 11:59P CT so grab it quick before it’s gone!


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  • TopStep now calls their “funded “live sim” accounts “Express Funded Accounts”. If you are trading in a cash funded (“Live Funded Account”) you can still trade only one account. But if you’re happy to stay in the live sim, now you can use trade copying if you want, or just have three separate accounts to trade as you see fit.

    Whether you want to test and hone various strategies or scale one up, TopStep is giving you the space to safely trade your way. But be mindful in your approach, as 3x the ability to profit can become 3x the losses if risk isn’t properly managed. Always have a plan!

    • Earn and trade in up to three (3) Express Funded Accounts
    • Test various strategies to learn what works best for you and market conditions
    • Have one strategy that is crushing it? Connect a trade copier to scale your profits
    • Traders can only have one (1) Live Funded Account when selected to trade live
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