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TickTick brings back their $50k Direct-to-Performance account

By popular demand, TickTick Trader is bringing back their one-time-payment, evaluation-bypassing, $50k Direct Account. If you’ve got skills, you can jump right into trading for profits, and not screw around with an evaluation!


On Going Offer
  • It Works 100% Success It Doesn't
  • This limited-time opportunity is available until Sunday, April 30th at 23:59 UTC+1.

    The 50K Direct Account offers you increased trading flexibility, higher profit potential, and higher limits on max positions, daily loss, and tick drawdown.

    With the 50K Direct Account, you’ll enjoy:

    • Immediate access to a $50,000 Performance account
    • Increased trading flexibility
    • Seamless and instant withdrawals once you exceed the safety threshold ($2600) by $500.
    • No 40-day waiting period to withdraw 100% of your profits (first 3 Months).
    • Only One active account per user at the same time.

    So with an investment of $699, and a drawdown of $2,500, you’re getting 358% leverage on your money! In other words, what would require you to put $2,500 in a cash account, will only require $699 of your capital instead.

    This is a more efficient use of capital than a cash account so if you know what you’re doing, take advantage of this easy leverage on top of the already fantastic leverage that futures offer, and grab your $50k Direct Account today.

    Offer is valid through April 30, 23:59 UTC+1.

    Good luck traders!

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