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Many people dream of getting rich quickly in the financial markets and the vast majority have this dream broken quickly.

The lure of trading evaluators is strong. If you have a trading edge, the right disciplined mindset and an understanding of the business model, you can absolutely benefit from trading evaluator funded accounts

Don’t fool yourself however that this business model exists primarily for the trading evaluator to be rewarded by applying their money to your one-of-a-kind trading activity.

The vast majority of aspiring traders fail – whether they’re using trading evaluators or their own funds – and the evaluation business model is well equipped to capitalize upon this.

Within our sponsor organization, Trading Research Group, we are very experienced in using trading evaluator accounts:

  • as R&D test environments for new trading approaches
  • to push the boundaries and see where the rules bend and flex
  • and to extract trading profits at low cost… gaining a return on the evaluation fees and live account fees that’s higher than applying the same amount in a cash-funded trading account

If you’d like to learn the approaches to making optimal use of trading evaluator accounts, consider checking out what we do in TRG.

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