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OneUp Provides Free Ninja Trader License To Funded Accounts

You can now use OneUp Trader’s Ninja Trader license key at no charge, once you have a funded account. From the source:

We are happy to announce that funded traders can now use OneUp Trader’s Ninjatrader license key on their funded accounts for free. This means that as a funded trader, you no longer have to purchase a license key in order to use the new Ninjatrader Desktop trading platform for your funded account.

With this great news, you can access one of the most popular and powerful trading platforms available, with advanced charting features and trade management tools, without worrying about additional expenses.

At OneUp Trader, we are committed to providing the best possible trading experience for our valued customers, and this is just another step towards that goal.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to maximize your trading potential! Get a Ninjatrader license to use on both your evaluation and funded accounts at no extra cost. Kickstart your trading journey now and achieve your financial goals!

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