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MakeTicks talks with LeeLoo Trading CEO, Chris!

Hey Traders! We’ve got something different for you this time. On Saturday Feb. 4th, we’re going to be talking with Chris, CEO of LeeLoo Trading, in an “Ask Me Anything” format Zoom call. You are all invited to join us live!

Bring any questions, comments, feedback, or anything else you’d like to have a chance to ask of, or say to Chris. Also, he’s going to be giving away 5 free eval accounts to people on the call live, so join us to have an excellent chance of winning a free account!

There will also be a special exclusive deal presented, so make sure you join us for that as well. The meeting will be recorded, but of course only those who can make it live, will be eligible for the giveaway.

Should be fun, so join us!

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