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LeeLoo Christmas deals continue! $149 for 5 $150k accounts!

LeeLoo Trading is ramping things up going into the end of the year. Today is day 3 of their “12 Working Days of Christmas” sale and it’s pretty unique:

LB150K2 LeeLoo Dec. 22 $150k bundle for $149

On Going Offer
  • It Works 100% Success It Doesn't
    • Five (5) $150k “Cruise” accounts
    • $9,000 Profit Target
    • $5,000 Trailing Drawdown
    • NO SUBSCRIPTION – You have 30 days!
    • Must trade on at least 10 trading days.

    Only 1 account can qualify for the $150k funded account, as soon as one passes, the others will become inactive. Basically this is getting 4 free resets with your account, for less than half the price of a single $150k account for one month. You’ve got FIVE chances to pass it now.

    If you’ve ever wanted to trade with some more size, or want to really push hard and see what you can do, this might be just the trick!

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