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Is there a maximum drawdown?

Typically for a $50k account, the Maximum Draw Down will be $2k-$3k. That’s right. If you lose this during the test, you’ve failed the test and your “$50k account” is terminated.

Er…. how was this ever a “$50k account”? 🤔


All that matters on the size of your evaluation account is this Maximum Draw Down. That’s your real account size – it’s the money available to you (to lose!)… no different to you opening your own account at a brokerage and depositing funds.

You’ll generally pay more for an evaluation with larger Maximum Draw Down. If this is you…

“my strategy requires a $10k draw down to work properly”

Aspiring Trader

…then you need to look at your strategy and trading approach. With good risk management and trading approaches it’s totally possible to pass an evaluation using the smallest available account sizes.


Note! The draw down will generally trail your account balance. For example, if you have a $30k account with $1500k draw down, at day one, your account balance cannot go below $28.5k.

Different evaluators monitor your account drawdown in different ways however… and we’ll discuss this in our next article!

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