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How much of the profits do I get?

In any prop firm, there’s a split of trading profits between the trader and the prop firm. In “traditional” prop firms this can be anything from a 50:50 split up to an 80:20 split in favor of the trader. The prop firm’s taking a split for facilities, risk management, access to better leverage, use of their funds. The trader may be putting up their own capital; paying facility fees or receiving contractor income. Many variables!

In the trading evaluator model, most evaluators offer an 80:20 or 90:10 (sometimes after a period of time) profit share in favor of the trader.

Most also offer a split-free amount, e.g. “the first $x,000 withdrawn is not subject to any profit split”. For those evaluators that offer multiple accounts, terms can be quite ambiguous as to whether this split-free amount is per-account or per trader.

Some traders look to utilize these split-free withdrawals by passing evaluations, taking a live account to the split-free level, withdrawing and restarting another evaluation and as a result, some evaluators will restrict how many split-free withdrawals an individual trader can receive. If this is a route you’re looking to follow, it’s important to qualify any such restrictions early on with the evaluator to avoid wasted time and evaluation fees.

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