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How much can I lose in a day?

Some tests will have a daily loss limit. If you lose more than this amount, you’re locked out of trading for the day. In some cases, breaking the loss limit is an automatic test failure.

There are also tests that have a weekly loss limit. For example, you cannot lose more than $500 per day, or $1000 per week.

This daily P&L performance would break such a weekly loss limit rule even though no single day has broken the daily loss limit:

Trading DayDaily P&LRunning P&L
Day 1-$300-$300
Day 2+$100-$200
Day 3-$400-$600
Day 4-$450-$1050

You also need to check whether loss limits are calculated using realized or unrealized P&L. Unrealized is of course more realistic but there are some evaluation programs that bizarrely don’t monitor this in real time…

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