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Earn2Trade: Trader Career Path Launch Offer

Earn2Trade have introduced a new evaluation format called Trader Career Path. It’s launching at 50% discount for this month.

It works much like the Gauntlet Mini does, except that it will allow traders, once funded, to increase their trading capital progressively, withdraw their profits without being penalized, and have access to bigger account sizes to trade with.

The program starts with a 25K account. Once the trader passes the exam, they get funded with a 25K account. Once they meet the profit target in the funded trading account, they can withdraw their profit and move up into a 50K funded trading account with a fresh trailing drawdown. The final goal is a 200K account with a FIXED DRAWDOWN of $6,000.00

The price of the TCP will be $150. However, for the month of February, it’s offered with a 50% off discount. This is a lifetime discount, and the price is $75.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Just like with the Gauntlet Mini, users who opt to get the TCP can get multiple funded accounts, except they’ll be able to scale their trading capital once funded.
  2. When the TCP accounts are moved from Livesim to Real Accounts with their prop-trading partner, the trader must cover the cost of their data ($105 per market per month).
  3. It is NOT possible to scale Gauntlet Mini accounts once funded. This is only possible through the TCP.

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