Another great change at TopStep, 50% consistency rule!

TopStep has just hugely simplified their rules for passing an evaluation. In order to meet the consistency rule, all you have to do now is make sure that your largest winning day is less than half your total profit. Easy! They are also still offering some solid discounts on their accounts (something they don’t do […]

TopStep Now Has Only ONE Step with ONE Rule!

Big change at the Industry Originator, TopStep Trader. They now have only a single step with just one rule – don’t blow the account. End of Day drawdown, and as long as you haven’t blown it in any given day, you’re still in the race. They’re offering some steep (for them) discounts as part of […]

100% of your next $10k at TopStep, is all yours!

Big news from TopStep! Starting now, all Topstep Funded Traders™ keep 100% of the next $10,000 they earn! TopStep is giving back even more to their dedicated traders, the ones achieving big wins in the markets, showing consistent profitability and discipline.

TopStep eliminates the Daily Loss Limit rule, gives 30% discount

TopStep Trader has just made it a little easier to keep your Combine or Funded account alive. You heard right—the Daily Loss Limit is no longer a rule. Trading Combine® and Topstep Funded Traders™ will never again lose their account due to hitting their Daily Loss Limit. In recognition of this change, they are also […]

TopStep now allows multiple funded accounts

TopStep Trader has added a long-requested feature: you can now trade up to three funded accounts simultaneously! Plus you will get a 25% discount on any new Trading Combine, for as long as it remains active. But this discount is only valid until Wednesday April 19, 11:59P CT so grab it quick before it’s gone! […]

25% off LIFETIME at TopStep on all evaluations!

TopStep Trader doesn’t do discounts very often, and when they do they aren’t usually lifetime. So if you’d like to work with the original “Big Dog” of the evaluation industry, here’s your chance to save some significant coin at the same time. They’ve simplified their rules a bit, so check them out! Sale is on […]

TopStep now offering Quantower, take 25% off first month in a Combine

TopStep is introducing a new trading platform option – Quantower! This is a very full-featured and visually-appealing platform, and you can use it for free while you trade your Combine evaluation. This discounted first month offer is valid through 11:59pm CT March 3. Grab it while it’s hot!

35% off at TopStep through the Super Bowl

Another fairly rare discount from the one who started it all – TopStep Trader. Now through Sunday, February 12 at 11:59 PM CT, get 35% off your first month in a Trading Combine.

30% off trading Combines at TopStep

Topstep Trading doesn’t do discounts very often, so if you’ve ever wanted to work with them here’s your chance to do it for a little less cost! Now through Monday, January 23 at 11:59 PM CT, get 30% off your first month in a Trading Combine.

30% off at TopStep for a very limited time.

Start a new Topstep Trading Combine between now and December 12 and get 30% off your subscription every month, until you are funded or as long as you remain active. You will have 90 days to activate your evaluation after purchase, so if you want to try TopStep grab this discount now even if you […]