Elite Trader Funding lowers minimum payout requirements

Elite Trader Funding is lowering the minimum withdrawal request to just $500! Here’s the announcement direct from Elite: We’re thrilled to have you with us as we make exciting changes to better serve you. We’ve got some awesome news we cannot wait to share. Are you ready for this? We’ve lowered our minimum withdrawal amount […]

Elite Bumps Your Payout to 90%

Elite Trader Funding is increasing all funded traders to a 90%/10% payout split. Here’s the announcement direct from Elite: This is the news you’ve all been waiting for! When we say we listen to your feedback, we really mean it. After months of anticipation, we’re thrilled to announce that our new profit split for Elite […]

Free Resets on Renewal Now at UProfit

There’s been a trend slowly building, to give free resets when an evaluation renews, if it’s been blown up. Apex and Bulenox both do it, and now UProfit does too. If you break any of their rules during your evaluation, take it as an opportunity to work on your patience, and wait for the free […]

Big News About News From Elite Trader!

Many traders want to trade the “exciting” moments in the market, especially news events. The biggest single moves in any give day are often due to these wild moments, but the volatility is such that it can be highly dangerous to one’s account, to trade during them. For this reason many evaluation companies have rules […]

100% of your next $10k at TopStep, is all yours!

Big news from TopStep! Starting now, all Topstep Funded Traders™ keep 100% of the next $10,000 they earn! TopStep is giving back even more to their dedicated traders, the ones achieving big wins in the markets, showing consistent profitability and discipline.

TopStep eliminates the Daily Loss Limit rule, gives 30% discount

TopStep Trader has just made it a little easier to keep your Combine or Funded account alive. You heard right—the Daily Loss Limit is no longer a rule. Trading Combine® and Topstep Funded Traders™ will never again lose their account due to hitting their Daily Loss Limit. In recognition of this change, they are also […]

TickTick unveils new $10k Direct Swing account

TickTick Trader is introducing, for a very limited time, a whole new type of account. No evaluation needed, just go direct to the Performance Account and begin to make profits you can actually withdraw! This limited-time opportunity is available until Sunday, May 7th at 23:59 UTC+1. The 10K Direct Account offers you increased trading flexibility, […]

TickTick brings back their $50k Direct-to-Performance account

By popular demand, TickTick Trader is bringing back their one-time-payment, evaluation-bypassing, $50k Direct Account. If you’ve got skills, you can jump right into trading for profits, and not screw around with an evaluation! This limited-time opportunity is available until Sunday, April 30th at 23:59 UTC+1. The 50K Direct Account offers you increased trading flexibility, higher […]

Earn2Trade expands internationally

Direct from the source: Earn2Trade is going INTERNATIONAL: We’re overjoyed to announce that Earn2Trade is going international. To accommodate our rapid growth over the past few years, we’ve been restructuring how our company is organized. This process involves setting up regional centers, including our new franchise partner, EDX Education, from the United Arab Emirates. That […]