Do You Have A Market Edge? Are You Sure?

You hear people in trading all the time talking about “their edge”. But how often can people actually define what their edge is, in advance? How many traders know, before they take their trade, that their edge is present, or not? Do you know when your edge is present? Don’t fall into the trap of […]

Is Trading Really Just Gambling?

It doesn’t matter what you trade: futures, stocks, ETFs, forex, options, binary options, crypto… if you’ve been trading for any length of time, you’ve likely had friends/family make the comment that “it’s gambling”. You may also have had bad losses which for sure are what most people would associate as gambling’s outcome. There are similarities, […]

My first Apex PA Account

Qualified my first PA with Apex today. I’ve got two more right at the finish line as well, but I’m spreading the PA fees out a bit. I’ll push them across in the next couple of weeks. These will bring my total accounts up to 9 with 3 companies, and once I’m at 10 I’ll […]

Bulenox $50k passed

My first time funded with Bulenox. I like their style overall. They don’t allow funding multiple accounts at the same time, but that’s probably a good thing in reality. Looking forward to getting this over the line to withdrawal!

Passed 4 more LeeLoo $25k accounts

This isn’t the first time I’ve passed at LeeLoo, but these were passed without any copying, all traded individually. One of them was even passed by my first serious attempt at a trading bot.

Bulenox 50k evaluation passed

Another one in the bag 🙂 What I like about Bulenox is the one-time fee for the live “Master” account. Compare different evaluators’ fees and policies quickly & easily using our EvaluRating™ table that’s based on our real life experiences getting funding & withdrawing.

Beat the game yet again…

Once again some more LeeLoo $25k evaluations passed. I actually passed 5 this time but all the certificates look the same!