MakeTicks is tweeting!

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That’s right! For all you who prefer to keep tabs on updates from Twitter rather than having to visit a website, we bring you: The MakeTicks Twitter Account! At this time, only deals will be getting pushed out, but in time we may do more with this. So follow us on Twitter now, and you’ll […]

Earn2Trade Discontinues Gauntlet, Improves Rules

Earn2Trade has discontinued their classic Gauntlet, it’s all about the Gauntlet Mini and Trader Career Path now. They’ve also extended the time a trade can remain open, up to 3:50pm CT now.

SpeedUp Trader Out of Business?

EDIT: Their website came back online today. It looks like someone forgot to renew their domain. You still can’t sign up for anything however so functionally speaking, they are still not open for business. We don’t have this confirmed first-hand, but the SpeedUp Trader website has gone offline, after a period of them not accepting […]

More evaluation companies are going native!

Recently there’s been a trend amongst the evaluation companies, to work with Rithmic to get their own designated server for traders to connect to. So rather than connecting your platform to “Rithmic Paper Trading Server – Chicago” for example, you choose a server called that is actually called “Bulenox” or “LeeLoo Trading” or “Apex Trader […]

Rithmic Trader Pro for mobile & web!

From Rithmic’s press release: Rithmic, LLC is pleased to announce the beta release of Rithmic Trader Pro™ for use on mobile devices and in Web browsers. Traders using iPhones, iPads and iPods may download Rithmic Trader Pro™ from the App Store. Android device users may download Rithmic Trader Pro™ from the Play Store. Traders running […]

LeeLoo Trading Competition – $1000 prize

LeeLoo are running a competition this week. For a $10 entry fee, you’ll receive a 100k competition account with no trailing drawdown. The account with the largest balance at the end of the week wins $1000. Visit LeeLoo Trading to enter today!

Improved payout splits & thresholds @ LeeLoo!

LeeLoo have updated their payout terms on Performance Accounts!Traders will now keep 100% of the first $12,500 in payouts and then they are entitled to 90% after the first $12,500!

Improved payout splits & thresholds @ OneUp Trader!

Hot on the heels of LeeLoo’s recent announcement, OneUp Trader have joined the group of evaluations now offering a 90% profit split. They’ve also increased the no-split threshold from $8000 to $10000 on funded accounts.

EUREX coming to LeeLoo…

LeeLoo have issued the following release: Leeloo™ will soon offer the option to trade EUREX. The exchange charges an additional fee if you’d like to trade EUREX data. The rate will be $23/user/month for non-professional traders and $93/user/month for professional traders. Details regarding how to trade EUREX are coming soon. Billing cycles are the first […]