We Will No Longer Promote Evaluations.

We at MakeTicks/Trading Research Group have come to a decision. With how quickly the apparent “contagion” seems to be spreading through this industry, we can no longer with a clear conscience promote any evaluations. We have made our reasoning very clear in the videos below, we strongly encourage everyone involved in the futures evaluation space […]

Is the CFTC coming? Prove us wrong.

If you missed the post from last week regarding the CFTC vs. MyForexFunds debacle, you can get caught up here. We held a public meeting to make our case that this is going to spread to Futures evaluators, eventually. We think it’s a very solid position, but at the moment everyone else in the space […]

CFTC vs. My Forex Funds – should you be worried?

In case you haven’t been following this, allow me to briefly catch you up to speed. Last week, the “prop firm” company My Forex Funds (myforexfunds.com) had all their assets frozen by regulators, for a list of violations alleged against them. This is as serious as it gets, because it means that literally overnight, the […]

Do You Have A Market Edge? Are You Sure?

You hear people in trading all the time talking about “their edge”. But how often can people actually define what their edge is, in advance? How many traders know, before they take their trade, that their edge is present, or not? Do you know when your edge is present? Don’t fall into the trap of […]

Is Trading Really Just Gambling?

It doesn’t matter what you trade: futures, stocks, ETFs, forex, options, binary options, crypto… if you’ve been trading for any length of time, you’ve likely had friends/family make the comment that “it’s gambling”. You may also have had bad losses which for sure are what most people would associate as gambling’s outcome. There are similarities, […]

Big News About News From Elite Trader!

Many traders want to trade the “exciting” moments in the market, especially news events. The biggest single moves in any give day are often due to these wild moments, but the volatility is such that it can be highly dangerous to one’s account, to trade during them. For this reason many evaluation companies have rules […]

100% of your next $10k at TopStep, is all yours!

Big news from TopStep! Starting now, all Topstep Funded Traders™ keep 100% of the next $10,000 they earn! TopStep is giving back even more to their dedicated traders, the ones achieving big wins in the markets, showing consistent profitability and discipline.

TopStep eliminates the Daily Loss Limit rule, gives 30% discount

TopStep Trader has just made it a little easier to keep your Combine or Funded account alive. You heard right—the Daily Loss Limit is no longer a rule. Trading Combine® and Topstep Funded Traders™ will never again lose their account due to hitting their Daily Loss Limit. In recognition of this change, they are also […]

TopStep now allows multiple funded accounts

TopStep Trader has added a long-requested feature: you can now trade up to three funded accounts simultaneously! Plus you will get a 25% discount on any new Trading Combine, for as long as it remains active. But this discount is only valid until Wednesday April 19, 11:59P CT so grab it quick before it’s gone! […]

You’re Funded. Now Don’t F*k It Up!

Anyone who’s been around trading any length of time – or has ever visited this site! – should be familiar with the “Trader Evaluation” industry. The TL;DR is that these companies give you a simulated account and let you trade it with some specific (and pretty strict) rules. If you can reach a profit target […]