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We’d argue that all evaluation programs offer way too many contracts for the available draw down. Trading 5x contracts (or in some cases even 10x contracts) with $2-$3k available drawdown is a recipe for quick failure – which is in the best interest of their business model!

Some evaluation tests implement “scaling” or “progression” rules. These limit the number of contracts that you can trade based upon your account balance. For example:

Account BalanceMaximum Contracts

You need to read evaluator program rules very carefully to understand whether these position size limits are:

  • based on your daily account opening balance, or
  • calculated in real time during the trading day

If calculated during the trading day, you need to be quite careful about your position sizing, especially if an open trade takes you below a size threshold.

In fact, it’s important to have a really good understanding of all of the evaluation program rules and how they’re implemented and enforced for the test that you’re taking, otherwise it can be very easy to break a rule without even knowing it.

When you review the social media groups and pages for these companies you’ll find many angry test participants yelling “scam!” after they’ve unwittingly broken a rule, which may be clearly (or not so clearly) documented on the evaluator’s website.

As a business, trading does not forgive mistakes. While some evaluators may take a softer approach to genuine errors or technical failures, the real market does not and just as it’s important to fully understand the instruments that you’re trading, it’s important to fully understand the rules that you’re agreeing to within an evaluation test.

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