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Can I cash out all at once?

Evaluators may place monetary restrictions on how much can be withdrawn from a live account, either at any time or during the first few withdrawals.

Evaluators explain that this is done “to ensure that a sufficient balance remains within the trading account to protect it against losses and drawdowns”. 

Cynics will counter with “it’s to protect the evaluator’s cashflow from withdrawals from live sim accounts that are a cost to the evaluator and funded by evaluations, resets and administration fees and buy time in the hope that the trader blows their account”.

The truth probably lies somewhere between these two extremes. Laws of unintended consequences and all that… 😁

There may also be time interval limits on withdrawals, for example:

  • Withdrawals may only be made after a certain number of days have been traded
  • Withdrawals may only be made after a certain number of days have been traded profitability
  • Withdrawals may only be requested once per month during the last week of the month

All withdrawal restrictions are important to understand as you plan your approach to managing and utilizing a trading evaluator’s live account. In Get Funded: …and Stay Funded we cover what to consider in this area if you are going to utilize evaluator accounts as part of your trading business.

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