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Big News About News From Elite Trader!

Many traders want to trade the “exciting” moments in the market, especially news events. The biggest single moves in any give day are often due to these wild moments, but the volatility is such that it can be highly dangerous to one’s account, to trade during them. For this reason many evaluation companies have rules against trading around news events.

But Elite Trader Funding has just lifted their restriction around news! Here’s the announcement direct from them:

Dear ETF Family,

We have fantastic news for all our Elite account traders! The freedom to trade any news event is making a triumphant return to ETF. We understand how valuable it is to have the ability to capitalize on breaking news, and we are excited to bring that flexibility back to all our valued traders.

Gone are the days when you have to worry about missing out on high-impact news events due to trading restrictions that could potentially jeopardize your account. With our latest update, we are putting the power back into your hands, giving you full control over your trading decisions. This means you now have the option to trade during those highly volatile times when major news breaks.

However, it’s important to note that trading during these events comes with inherent risks. While we are committed to providing you with the best trading experience possible, we want to remind you that ETF has no control over the data provided or the platform’s functionality during these high-impact moments. By choosing to trade during these times, you assume the risks associated with such events.

We are thrilled to offer you this exciting update and to empower you with greater freedom to trade your preferred strategy. Stay ahead of the curve, embrace the power of trading as you please, and continue to thrive with ETF as your trusted partner.


The ETF Team

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