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Aspiring Trader Safety Tips

We here at have been using evaluation companies (commonly – and incorrectly – referred to as “prop firms”) for a long time, and feel that there are some basic things that more people need to be aware of.

Successful trading requires a mix of:

  • a statistical edge – you know the probability of success over time, as long as you stick to your trading plan and execute well
  • a defined process… that you stick to
  • trade setups

Even if you’ve got an edge and a process, trader evaluation programs are really good at putting artificial, self-induced pressure on the trader. Between monthly subscription costs, the goal of achieving a “funded” account, and various other rules, it’s can be a real mine field!

If you’d like to really capitalize on these Trader Evaluation opportunities, go get the free futures trading courses available from Trading Research Group. You’ll learn the techniques we use to pass evaluations and leverage them instead of risking our own capital.

If you don’t yet have consistency in your trading, we urge you to explore these courses. You can use them to develop your skills in reading price action and order flow traded volume and apply these skills to passing evaluations and getting funded yourself.

What are you waiting for? Get going!

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