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70% off LeeLoo bundles for April

LeeLoo is offering 70% on any of their bundles for the month of April!

1ZJCGWS LeeLoo Apr 23 70% off bundles

On Going Offer
  • It Works 100% Success It Doesn't
  • In addition they will require only 5 trading days to qualify. You can get up to 5 of these bundles, just remember that in each bundle the first account to pass funds, and the rest cancel. No subscription, you get 1 month in which to pass one or fail them all.

    To qualify, traders have to:

    1. Reach a certain profit target (varies by account size)
    2. Not hit the max trailing drawdown at any point (again, varies by account size)

    Remember also that LeeLoo has no consistency rule, so you don’t have to do much every day. Be patient, wait for a really super clear setup, and hit it hard. Then once you’ve hit the profit target you can just take 1 tick, win or lose, in micros for the remaining days and you’re done. This is a great opportunity to be all but guaranteed a Performance Account. Good luck traders!

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