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50% off UProfit Drawdown Killer – the NO drawdown evaluation!

We’ve all been there. Trading along profitably, and we have a few losers along the way – it happens, it’s unavoidable. And then despite being overall in profit, we suddenly blow up the evaluation. It’s the Curse of the Trailing Drawdown.

DK50 UProfit Feb 23 50% off Drawdown Killer

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  • Well UProfit have heard our cries, and come up with a new evaluation that has NO DRAWDOWN! It has a daily max loss of $1k, and a minimum balance of $23k, but it has no drawdown along the way!

    This is very unique and is much closer to trading a real cash account. So if you’ve ever wished you could get rid of that damn trail, here’s your chance. Only available through the end of February at this price though, so grab it while it’s cheap!

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