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100K Fast Track from Elite Trader Funding @ $50!

Elite are offering their 100K fast track evaluation for $50 (half price) until 20 April.

Coupon code:

FAST50 Elite April 22 $50 100k Fast Track

On Going Offer
  • It Works 100% Success It Doesn't
  • It’s an express-type evaluation. 10 days minimum, 14 days maximum. $6k target; $3k DD; 14 contracts. In addition, once you pass, your first month’s live fee is also free. Maximum 10 per trader.

    Intraday unrealized profit trailing drawdown.
    Requires a minimum of 10 trading days.
    Maximum of 14 calendar days.
    No scaling rule.
    No resets allowed.
    Free NinjaTrader license key on eval and Elite.
    Free real-time data.

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