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100% of your next $10k at TopStep, is all yours!

Big news from TopStep!

Starting now, all Topstep Funded Traders™ keep 100% of the next $10,000 they earn! TopStep is giving back even more to their dedicated traders, the ones achieving big wins in the markets, showing consistent profitability and discipline.

  • If you’ve passed the Trading Combine®.
  • If you’re in an Express Funded™ or Live Funded Account™.
  • If you’ve already earned your first $5,000—that’s right—you are now eligible for another $10,000!
  • 90/10 Profit Split thereafter, the industry’s best!
  • Take weekly payouts—every 5 winning days of Net P&L of +$100
  • Winning days do not have to be consecutive
  • Request up to 50% of your account balance at once
  • Payout requests received before 10 AM CT are processed the same day
  • Membership fee is refunded with your first payout per account

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